0 15 25 40 Degree soap quick release connect jet / power wash spray nozzle tip set.

Quantity: 5pcs
Color: Red , Green, Yellow, White, Black
0 Degree (Red, Stainless Steel, Concentrated Pencil Jet) High Pressure Nozzle
15 Degree (Yellow, Stainless Steel, High Performance) High Pressure Dirt Removal
25 Degree (Green, Stainless Steel, Multi-Purpose) Lower Pressure Brick Cleaning etc
40 Degree (White, Stainless Steel, Sensitive Surfaces) Common use, Such As Car Cleaning etc
Black Soap Soaker Tip
Suitable for quick disconnect fittings.
Each accessory extends the functionality of your high pressure washer.
Saving time and energy, while also producing optimum cleaning results.
Use to Replace Damaged Nozzles or to Upgrade to a complete set.
Package Included:
1 x Red  Tip 0 Degree Spray
1 x Yellow Tip 15 Degree Spray
1 x Green Tip 25 Degree Spray
1 x White Tip 40 Degree Spray
1 x Black Tip For Soap Foam Chemical wash
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0 15 25 40 Degree Soap Quick Release Connect Jet Power Wash Spray Nozzle Tip Set

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