PF8 Pro made of high quality noise reduction foam and the shell made of aluminum mesh wind screen. Through noise from surrounding. PF8 Pro isolates your microphine in a quiet recording space. By focusing your voice to an isolates microphone, the PF8 Pro is able to capture the complete spectrum of your voice and reduce much of the external environment, all the while giving you clear and concise vocals free of any coloration. PF8 Pro wind screen and not only reduce the sound reflection during recording, but also reduce the wind and noise's disturb from outside effrctively.
Material: Aluminum
Diameter: 200mm
Height: 180mm
Lenght: 150mm
Width: 105mm
Inserting hole diameter: 53mm(with foam:45-53mm; without foam:54-65mm)
Weight: 461g
Package Included: 
1 x Mesh Wind Screen 

Alctron PF8 Pro Noise Reduction Foam Acoustic Filter Mesh Microphone Wind Screen

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