1. Pure copper coil, high permeabillity, low loss, assuring fast charging.
2. Can charge the battery directly.
3. Charging current is around 5V 1A.
4. Can be directly connected to the phone's motherboard, the phone will display wireless charging.
5. Red is positive and gold is negative. The wire can be bent freely.
Material: PCB
Product Name: Wireless Charger Receiver Module
Input Power: 5V 1A or 9V 0.5A
Output: Power up to 5W
Charging Efficiency: 75%
Transmission distance: 2-8mm
Charger Applicable Form: Wireless Charger
Executive Standard: Qi Wireless Charging Standard
Product Certification: CE/FCC/ROSH
Board Size: 1.9 * 3.2cm / 0.7 * 1.3in
Copper Coil Size: 4.1 * 2.9cm / 1.6 * 1.4in
Cable Length: 5cm / 2.0in
Weight: approx. 6g
Wireless charging = transmitter + receiver (both can be charged together)
1, there is a "charger" (ie coil patch): If your phone has a built-in "receiver", or you have already purchased a "receiver" in another home, then you only need to buy a "transmitter" Charging.
2, there is a "generator" (ie the base): If you have already purchased the "transmitter", then you can just recharge by purchasing the "receiver".
Package Included:
1 x Charger Receiver Module

DIY Qi Standard Wireless Charging Coil Receiver Module Circuit Board DIY Coil for Phone for Battery 5V 1A Fast Quick Charger

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