Learning infrared remote control switch, as its name implies, can let the single chip computer remember a key data of the remote controller, let it control the switch of the relay. By learning again, you can modify the stored key data. For example, this time you use the "8" key on the remote controller to study, after success, you can use "8" to control the key, power-down data is not lost, if If you want to use the button "9" as the control, you need to let the MCU learn again and make modifications.

Module usage instructions:
1. Power supply, correct connection LED indicator lights on, 5 seconds later the module works normally, relay works at the same time! 
2. With each press of the S1 button, the relay will switch its working state once, turn on or off, and the indicator light will be on or off at the same time! 
3. After successful learning of infrared remote control, every time the successful learning remote controller is pressed (Press and hold the S1 key, the indicator light flashes, the module enters the learning mode, press any key on the remote control, the indicator light stops flashing and learning is complete), the relay changes its working state once, turns on or off, and the indicator lights are on or off at the same time.


Rated current: 10A
Rated voltage: 5V
Package Included:

1 x 1 Channel 5V Infrared Remote Control Relay Module
1 x Remote with battery

1 Channel 5V Infrared Remote Control Relay Module Infrared Remote Control Switch

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