XH-W2028 -50~110℃ DC 20-28V Digital LCD Temperature Controller Heat Cool Temp Thermostat Thermometer Regulator with Sensor 

Mini size, high quality temperature controller, Wide temperature measuring range, -50~+110 Degree Centigrade.
With large and clear LED display for better readability.
Multiple functions, such as Heating and Cooling control, Temperature Calibration function, Delay protection function.
All parameters can be set to default setting after short circuit.
Can be used for domestic freezer, water tanks, refrigerator, industrial chiller, boiler, steamer, industrial equipments and other temperature-controlled systems.

Input Voltage: DC12V
Control Range: -50~110℃
-9.9~99.9℃: 0.1℃
Else Range: 1℃
Control Accuracy: 0.1℃
Temperature Accuracy: 0.2%FS
Refresh Rate: 0.5s
Measurement Input: NTC(B3950=10K 0.5%)waterproof sensor (Cable Length: 1 meter)
Output: Output Switch, Max. 10A
Environment Requirement: -30~60℃
Humidity: 20%~85%
-Complete Size: 77 x 35 x 88mm
-Open-pore Size: 70.5 x 29mm
Parameter Setting (P0~P8):
-P0Cooling / Heating mode
-P1: Backlash Setting
-P2:Highest Range Setting
-P3:Lowest Range Setting
-P4:Temperature Calibration
-P5:Delay Start Time
-P6:High Temperature Alarm 
-P7: Data Lock Switch 
-P8: Restore Factory Settings
Usage: Long-press "Set" button for 5 seconds to enter the internal parameter setting, then press Up/Down button to adjust P0~P8, and press "Rst" to Confim & Back.
Package includes:
1 x -50~110℃ DC 12V Temperature Controller
1 x Temperature Sensor

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-50~110 DC12V Digital Temperature Controller Thermometer

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