1. Item Name: 240 Radiator Kit
2. Material: Copper
3. Thread: G1/4


1. The kit consists of one CPU and GPU water block, pump and reservoir, 240mm radiator, compression fittings,
     LEDs fans, tube, and other accessories.
2. These provide exceptional performance, unrivalled reliability, and styling to DIY enthusiasts.

Package Included:
1 x Aluminum 30mm 240 Radiator within screws
2 x 120 Radiator Fan
1 x Water pump
3 x G1/4 Chrome Barbs(for 3/8 ID Tubing)
1 x 190mm x 50mm reservoir
1 x 7 Feet 3/8in. ID x 5/8in. OD Tubing
1 x CPU water block For Intel , AMD and Installation Screws, front Clip
1 x Reservoir Holders and screws
1 x Gold Thermal Paste
2 x G1/4 Reservoir Water Stopper (Silver Color)
1 x G 1/4 male to male adaptor
12 x Clamp for 5/8 OD tubing
1 x GPU Block for GTX or HD Series with Installation screws and front plate (Copper Side dimension : 44mm X 44mm)
2 x Fan anti-dust
 North Bridge Block with clip and screws.


PC Liquid Cooling 240 Radiator Kit Pump Reservoir CPU GPU Block Pump Reservoir Tubing Barb 3/8 ID Water Cooling

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