AC85V-250V Wireless Remote Control Socket UK Standard Socket with Smart Remote Controller


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Instructions for wireless remote control socket:
RF Remote control socket, socket refers to a socket where one or more circuit wiring can be inserted, through which various wiring can be inserted, which is convenient for connecting with other circuits
The wireless remote control socket refers to the realization of non-contact remote control of the controlled target, which is widely used in the fields of household appliances, lamps, and household appliances. Compared with wired and infrared devices, the wireless remote control and wireless transmission system improves the freedom of movement. As a result, there are more and more applications of wireless remote control devices and wireless transmission systems in the industrial field. The advantages of the relative cable connection are the low installation cost (no wiring, no underground engineering, no cable trough), increased flexibility and reduced maintenance costs. The wireless socket does not require point-to-point transmission and can be used through walls.
This wireless remote control socket is designed with two working modes: manual and remote control. The circular button on the interface is the manual switch key and the learning key for code matching with the remote control. There are two adjustable working modes in the remote control mode (self-locking and interlockings), which can be switched through the learning button on the interface, and can be combined with a variety of wireless remote controllers in any combination.
In self-locking mode: learn the code matching with the same button on the remote control, press the same button once to turn it on, and press it again to turn it off;
In interlock working mode: it is to learn the code with two different keys on the remote control, press one key to turn on, and press the other key to turn off;

Working frequency: 315MHz /433MHZ optional
Weight: 0.115KG
Working voltage: AC 220V
Back interface terminal: 3 feet
Load: ≦1000W
Remote control distance: 10-30M
Working temperature: -50~50℃

Self-locking learning code matching method:
First, plug the wireless remote control socket into the normal household plug-in board that is powered on, and then connect an electrical appliance to the remote control socket to manually test whether the socket is normally energized. Then, after long pressing the learning button for about 3 seconds, the learning indicator on the remote control socket interface is on, release it, and immediately press any button on the remote control twice. The learning indicator flashes three times and then turns off gray, indicating successful learning.

Code clearing method: (please clear the code first and then match the code when you need to change the working mode)
Press and hold the learning button on the remote control socket interface for about 15 seconds, and the learning indicator turns from on to off to indicate that the code has been cleared successfully.

Interlockings learning and coding method:
After pressing the learning button for about 3 seconds, the learning indicator on the remote control socket interface will be on, release it, and immediately press any button (or unlock button) on the remote control, and then press another button on the remote control (or lock button), the learning indicator flashes Turn off the gray after three times, indicating successful learning.

Package included:
1 x Socket (UK)
1 x  Remote Control

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