CA-288 Universal 26-55 inch LED LCD TV Backlight Driver Board TV Booster Constant Current Module High Voltage Board


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Uses: for 26 inch – 55 inch LED TV display voltage exceeds 100V and above 165V

Input voltage range: 19-45V DC
Output voltage range: 60-165V DC
Output current: 10MA-1000MA can be set


The operating voltage of the light bar must be any voltage between 60V and 165. Can't be lower than 60V. Can not be higher than 165V, the design working limit voltage condition of this product shall not be higher than 165V. If this voltage is exceeded, the screen may be dark or the lamp may flicker. This product only has constant current, no constant voltage, and the voltage will be automatically adjusted to the corresponding voltage according to the required voltage of the light bar, so you do not need to entangle the voltage measured at no load.
Correctly illuminate problems that may be encountered:
1. The brightness is not enough, the screen is obviously darker than the original board, there may be two reasons:
First, after connecting the dimming foot, try to adjust the brightness with the remote control. If it can't be solved, test the voltage of the actual pin. (Note: the brightness is the highest when the product is 0V, and the brightness is the darkest when the voltage is high.) If the voltage range of the analog voltage mode is between 0V-5V or 0V-3.3V, this should be adjusted if the voltage is always at a high voltage and cannot be reduced. If it is a PWM signal, the voltage is stable at 3.3V. At this time, if the light is adjusted to the brightest or the requirement is not met, the second scheme must be implemented.
Second, adjust the resistance on the board and increase the current to meet the requirements.

Package includes:

1 x Driver board

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