Capacitive Induction Touch Head Mode 0-10V LED Touch Dimming Switch Module Human Body Induction Board


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The touch dimming module can realize touch switch control and brightness adjustment of LED lights. It has the following features and advantages:
⒈ The brightness of the light can be adjusted according to the needs, the selection range is wide, and the operation is simple and convenient.
⒉ The touch function can be realized with the isolation protection of the medium (such as glass, acrylic, plastic, ceramic, etc.), with high safety.
⒊ The application voltage range is wide, which can be arbitrarily selected between 2.4~4.5V.
⒋ The application circuit is simple, the peripheral devices are few, the processing is convenient, and the cost is low.
⒌ Good anti-power interference and mobile phone interference characteristics. effect can reach more than ±2KV; in the case of close-range and multi-angle mobile phone interference, the touch response sensitivity and reliability are not affected.
6. Installation: There is no need to directly contact the copper foil, and the light can be adjusted through acrylic glass or plastic of more than 3mm.
7. Uses: It can control LED modules, light strips and other products. Ideal accessories for indoor table lamps, LED lighting dimming, DIY car lamp dimming modification.
8. Function: Single-line touch, using the principle of capacitive touch, sensitive sensing can be reached. The default is the LED touch stepless dimming function with switch function, dimming function, and brightness memory gradually brightening and dimming. When the light is turned on, it slowly becomes brighter, and when the light is turned off, it gradually becomes darker, which effectively avoids irritation to the eyes.
9. Dimming mode: stepless PWM dimming
10. Wiring method: (VCC, GND) in the PCB board is the power input, (LED+, LED-) is connected to the positive and negative level of the LED light (fingerprint) is connected to the touch area, and it can also be wired out (be careful that the wiring is not too long, the outgoing line is It is recommended to use a small copper skin as the sensing area), and the copper skin area is recommended to be about 2x3cm. There is a copper foil module on the board, and one side of the copper foil is attached to the shell side
Package includes:
1 x Touch Dimming Switch Module

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