DC-DC 400W High-power Step Down Buck Converter DC 10V-60V Constant Voltage Constant Current Adjustable Power Supply Module


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*10-60V wide input voltage, suitable for most power supplies on the market as input source.
*Output constant voltage and current, voltage and current continuously adjustable. It can meet most electric equipment.
*High output power, good ventilation and natural heat dissipation can reach 280W/12A (pay attention to the limitation of output power and output current).
*The module adopts step rectification scheme, with high efficiency. The output voltage is more than 10V, and the efficiency is more than 92%-96%.
*There is a constant current indication when charging the battery. The charging state is clear at a glance.
*The input has a 15A fuse, and the input positive and negative poles are connected reversely, which will not damage the power supply (the fuse will burn, and the fuse needs to be replaced).
Product model: SZ-BK0612
Module name: 400W step-down constant voltage constant current
Module nature: non isolated buck module
Input voltage: 10.5-60V
Output voltage range: 0-45V (must meet the step-down conditions, in input multiplied by 0.8)
Minimum output voltage: 0V (+ 1V)
Maximum output voltage: about equal input*0.8 (for example, the input is 40V, 40V*0.8 = 32V, the maximum output voltage is 32V, which will actually be higher to about 34V.35)
Output constant current: 0.2-15A (continuously adjustable, heat dissipation shall be strengthened if it exceeds 12A)
Maximum output power: 400W (it is necessary to add a fan to forcibly heat the heat sink and magnetic ring)
Continuous maximum working power: 280W (in ventilated environment)
Continuous maximum working current: 12A (in ventilated environment)
Input undervoltage protection: Yes, (the input is lower than 10.5V, the output is closed, and there is an error of about 0.5V)
Input overvoltage protection: none (overpressure prohibited)
Working temperature: -10 ~ + 85℃ (heat dissipation shall be strengthened when it exceeds 65℃)
Operating frequency: 100kHz
Conversion efficiency: up to 97% (efficiency is related to input and output voltage, current and voltage difference)
Short circuit protection: Yes (constant current protection)
Input reverse connection protection: Yes (in case of short circuit, input reverse connection shall be cautious, which will burn the input fuse)
Output anti backflow: none (when charging the battery, the output is connected to inductive load, for example, the anti backflow diode must be added to the motor)
Work indicator light: Yes (blue LED light)
Constant current indicator: Yes (the CC indicator red light on the small board is on when the constant current is working, there is no current output, and this light is not on when the constant voltage is working)
Wiring mode: self equipped welding free 25A wiring terminal
Module size: length 60, width 60 mm, height 45 mm
Net weight: 170g Add 180 grams of packaging.
Packaging method: independent carton packaging.
Wiring: ‘input / in’ is input. ‘Output / out’ is output (marked in Chinese)
Package includes:
1 x Power Supply Module

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