FM Radio DIY Kit RDA5807 FM Radio Receiver 65-108MHz Frequency Modulation TDA2822 Power Amplifier Radio Module Board


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Product name: FM radio
Power supply mode: single lithium battery, 5V power line
Chip type: RDA5807FP, TDA2822
Speaker: 2040 square speaker 8R/2W
Appearance size: 135MM*95MM*40MM
Antenna length: total length 350MM (unstretched 107MM)
Note: The delivery is in bulk and needs to be welded by yourself
Welding Difficulty: General

– The RDA5807FP chip is compatible with the 65-108MHZ global FM receiving frequency band, and has the advantages of noise cancellation, soft mute, bass enhancement, high sensitivity, low noise, and strong anti-interference ability.
– The power amplifier part adopts TDA2822 power amplifier integrated circuit, which has the characteristics of simple circuit, good sound quality and wide voltage range.
– Antenna retractable design, convenient for various use needs.
Package Include:

1/4W resistor 10K*3
1/4W resistor 22R*1
1/4W resistor 2.2R*2
1/4W resistor 2K*1
Ceramic chip capacitor 103*2
Ceramic capacitor 27pF*1
Ceramic capacitor 223*1
Ceramic capacitor 222*1
CBB capacitor 104*3
Electrolytic capacitor 100uF/25V*3
Electrolytic capacitor 10uF/25V*1
Electrolytic capacitor 1000uF/16V*1
Color ring inductance 0.1uH*1
Color ring inductance luH*2
Diode 1N4007*1
Zener diode 3.0V *1
Red LED*1
Side foot button 6*6*9MM*4
Crystal oscillator 32.768KHz*1
RDA5807FP chip*1
TDA2822M chip*1
DC002 power base (with charging cable)*1
2040 square speaker 8R/2W*1
Whip antenna (with M2.5 screw)*1
18650 lithium battery box 1*1
PCB board*1

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