G-NiceRF 2Pcs BLE5201 bluetooth 5.2 Wireless Data Transmission Module Low Power Consumption


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The BLE5201 Bluetooth data transmission module uses the Bluetooth 5.2 protocol and uses the EFR32BG22C224 SOC chip from Silicon Labs. It has the characteristics of low power consumption, small size, long transmission distance and strong anti-interference ability. The BLE5201 features ultra-low transmit and receive current (3.6 mA at 0 dBm transmit; 2.6 mA receive) and a high-performance, low-power M33 core that extends coin cell battery life to ten years. Target applications include Bluetooth Mesh low energy nodes, smart door locks, personal healthcare and fitness devices. Applications such as asset tracking tags, beacons and indoor navigation will also good from the SOC’s Bluetooth Angle of Arrival (AoA) and Angle of Departure (AoD) capabilities and positioning accuracy within 1 meter. The EFR32BG22C224 SOC provides IQ sampling capability for direction finding applications and supports 125 KB and 500 KB Bluetooth Low Energy Coded PHYs, which can increase receive sensitivity to -106 dBm. Supports applications requiring direction finding capabilities or Bluetooth low energy mesh nodes. BLE5201 Bluetooth data transmission module is produced and tested strictly using lead-free process, and complies with RoHS and Reach standards.

Developed based on Bluetooth 5.2 protocol
Support single slave and one master with multiple slaves, can connect multiple slaves at the same time, up to 8 connections
Support two working modes: configuration and transparent transmission
Support over-the-air upgrade (OTA DFU)
Support a variety of serial port parameter configuration
Support automatic broadcast, scan, connect
Support manual connection and automatic connection 2 connection methods
MTU is up to 247 bytes
Support custom 16-bit UUID, including one Service uuid, two Characteristicuuid
Maximum communication distance 70m (6dBm, 2mbps)
Support automatic binding
Support low power sleep
Wireless meter reading wireless sensing
smart home
Industrial remote control, telemetry
Smart buildings, smart buildings
Automated data collection
health sensor
smart wearable device
smart robot
wireless sensing
electronic label
intelligent control
Main Parameters Min. Typ. Max. Remarks
Working voltage (V) 1.8 3.3 4.3 >=3.3V can guarantee output power
Communication level (V) 3.3
Operating temperature (°C) -40 85
Working frequency band (MHz) 2400 2483.5
Transmit power (dBm) 0 6
Receive sensitivity
Emission current (mA) 7.5
Receive current (mA) 8.5
Sleep current (uA)  <5 When not connected
Idle state current (mA) 6.58 Idle state, means no connection, the module does not broadcast/scan
PIN Function:
Pin No.  Pin Definition Pin Orientation Pin Function Instruction
1 GND Input Power ground
2 PA00 Input Disconnect pin Pull up by default. Low level: disconnect all Bluetooth connections and stop broadcasting/scanning; high level: resume broadcasting/scanning
5 PA03 Input wake-up pin CS Default pull-up: low-level work, high-level sleep
6 PA04 Input Module selection SET Pull up by default. High level: transparent transmission mode; low level: configuration mode
7 PA05 TXD Module serial port data sending pin
8 PA06 RXD Module serial port data receiving pin
9 GND Power ground
10 VCC Positive power supply
11 PC00 GPIO
12 PC01 GPIO
13 PC02 GPIO
14 PC03 GPIO
15 PC04 GPIO
16 PC05 GPIO
17 PB02 output Sleep state Wake-up mode: high level; low power mode: low level
18 PB01 output Mode status Transparent transmission mode: low level; configuration mode: high level
19 RESET output Reset Built-in pull-up resistor, active low
20 PB00 output Connection Status With connection: high level; no connection: low level
Package includes:
1 x BLE5201 Bluetooth data transmission module

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