High-Brightness LED Large Size Font RGB Rainbow Color Desktop Digital Tube DIY Alarm Clock Wall Decoration Living Room LED Clock Module Set


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>>>Click here to download the instruction<<<

Already Soldered Version: The circuit board is already soldered,and only needs to be assembled.

Unsoldered Version: All electronic components need to be soldered,and also need to be assembled.

The kit does not include CR1220 button batteries.


This clock uses a 3-inch large digital tube to display the large font time, can be switched to 24 different color gradient effects, and even each LED column of the digital tube can change a variety of colors, and you can fix the color you like or customize the color of each number at any time. The brightness has been greatly increased, and the time is clearly displayed even during the day, increasing the practicality. In addition to displaying the time, you can also display information for temperature, date,and day of the week. Added a variety of information switching animation effects, added a variety of alarm music ringtones and Christmas theme ringtones, as well as a variety of useful functions (see the ‘Parameter Settings’ list below).


3-inch large font digital tube display

High-bright LED display 24 different color change effects

Using DS3231 automatic temperature

compensation high-precision clock chip, put into the CR1220 backup battery to prevent loss of power failure time

38 custom colors. You can suspend the fixed display color at any time

6 color change speeds 4 different effects of the middle

separation point of the clock

6 kinds of information switching display

animation effects. 7 digital change animations

13 kinds of music ringtones to choose from

(as a reminder for countdown and alarm clock), including two Christmas-themed ringtones

Time, temperature, date two formats display

Button to wake up display function

Automatic luminous display mode

countdown function

With alarm function

Automatic saving of parameters in power failure

USB DC 5V voltage power supply

Overall size: 258mm x 77mm x 17mm

Weight: 200g


Under Show Time:

Press the Setting key (square icon) to suspend or resume the color change at any time;

Short press the Switch key (triangleicon) to switch color effects, a total of 24 color gradient effects(including custom colors);

Long press the setting key (square icon) to enter or exit the menu settings;

Press the Switch key (triangle icon) to switch:

time setting(Time) – date setting (Date)- alarm setting(Alarm) – format setting(Format) – Switching Animation Settings (Display)-Information Switch Duration Setting (Speed)-Midpoint- Custom Color Settings(Color) – Color Gradient Speed Settings(Color Speed) – Button Wake Settings (Sleep)- Auto Brightness Settings (Brightness)- Time number change effect (Move) –Countdown setting (Count)- Ringtone setting (Voice) – Test LED (LED)

Press the setting key (square icon) to enter the settings, and then modify the parameter value by switch key (triangle


Parameter settings:

1. Time

setting(Time): switch key (triangle icon)

to modify the flashing parameter value, setting key (square icon) to confirm

the modification;

2. Date

setting(Date): The modification

order is: year-month-day;

3. Alarm

setting (Alarm): ON-Turn on the

alarm clock and enter the alarm clock time setting;

4. Format


Hour format: 24h-24 hour mode; 12h-12 clock


Date (date format): M-DD: month-day mode;

DD-M: Day-month mode.

Temp (temperature format): C-degrees

Celsius; F – Fahrenheit;

5. Switching

Animation Settings (Display):

0 – Show time only;

1 – rotary switching;

2- Switch up and down;

3- Drop by one to switch;

4- Switch from left to right;

5- Flashing switch one by one;

6- Direct switching;

6. Information

Switch Duration Setting (Speed):

Switch information once in 10_-10 seconds;

Switch the information once in 30_-30


Switch information once in 60_-60 seconds;

Switch the information once in 5M-5


Switch information once in 10M-10 minutes;

Switch information once in 30M-30 minutes;

60M-60 minutes to switch information;

7. Colon


0 – Solid light mode;

1 – breathing pattern;

2 – light mode per second;

3- Up and down light mode;

8. Custom

Color Settings(Color):

Switch key (triangle icon) to modify the

color value of the flashing number (38 colors in total), setting key (square icon)

to confirm the modified color and enter the next number color to set;

9. Color

Gradient Speed Settings(Color Speed):

1-6 levels of speed from fast to slow;

10. Button

Wake Settings (Sleep): ON-turn on

wake-up mode (press any button to wake up briefly after the display is shut down);

11. Auto

Brightness Settings (Brightness)(Brightness):

4: Maximum brightness;

AU – Automatically enter the dark yellow

light eye protection mode when the ambient light is darkened;

12. Time

number change effect (Move):

0 – direct change;

1- Rotation + flashing mode;

2 – up and down mode;

3- Up and down + left and right flashing


4- Segment by segment flashing mode;

5- Stochastic mode;

6- Blinking + up and down mode

13. Countdown

setting (Count):

Enter the number of minutes and seconds,

press the setting key (square icon) to start the countdown, the countdown ends

and the buzzer plays the ringtone, press the button arbitrarily to exit the

countdown (Note: The alarm tone is set in the ‘voice’ menu);

14. Ringtone

setting (Voice):

0- Know and don’t know;

1- Sky City;

2- Kanon;

3- Kikujiro’s summer;

4- Spirited Away;

5- The wind is blowing;




8- So many people in this world;

9- Quiet all the time;

10- Quiet;

11- We Wish You A Merry Christmas;

12- Jingle Bells (Christmas theme


15. Test LED(LED):

Press the switch key (triangle icon) to

switch the test color, a total of red, green, blue three colors;

Press the setting key (square icon) to exit

the test;

Additional information

Weight 0.2 kg

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