JDY-22 4.2 Ultra Low Power BLE bluetooth Module Serial Transmissions External Antenna


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JDY-22 sleep pattern description:

Sleep pattern Instructions Functional description
Start wake-up AT+STARTEN1 Mode 1: wake up call, users need sleep can be controlled by AT+SLEEP command, wake up can be awakened by PWRC pin low level.
Start sleep AT+STARTENO Mode 0: the power is very low under this mode. The connection calls the permeable transmission current at 900uA, disconnects the connection current below 200uA (can set the broadcast interval current to 30uA), this mode PWRC pin wake up, such as the serial port in 10 seconds without data or will not be connected to sleep automatically again into sleep

Common problem description:

Problem Answer to the question
1: how MCU disconnects the bluetooth connection in the connection state In the connection state, the PWRC pin is pulled down, and the serial port sends AT+DISC to disconnect.
2: how much is the current when the module wakes up All mode work current is not more than 1mA
3: How much data can be written to serial port once No byte limit at 9600 baud rate
4: After the serial port is configured, do you need to restart it to take effect? It is recommended to restart the module when the parameters are set
5: How to test the depth of sleep current in the test module It is recommended to test the current of VCC and GND pins

Default parameter configuration used in factory:

Sequence Function Factory default parameters Instructions
1 Serial port baud rate 9600 AT+BAUD4
2 Sleep pattern Start wake-up AT+STARTEN0
3 Broadcast name JDY-21 AT+NAMHJDY-21
4 Broadcast interval 200MS AT+ADVIN1

Package included:

1 x JDY-22 4.2 Ultra Low Power BLE bluetooth Module Serial Transmissions External Antenna

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