Maxgeek SSTC Mini Tesla Coil Music Double Class-E Solid State Tesla Coil Artificial Teaching Tool


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– Input voltage: DC 12-50V (not more than 50v), over 2A
– Power input interface: 5.5*2.1mm DC socket
– Playable music format: only wave square music can be played
– Audio input: Bluetooth connection to mobile phone (mobile phone searches for the Bluetooth device M18)
– Product size: approx. 65 x 95mm/2.6 x 3.7′ (Diameter x H)
– Arc length: 30-70mm/1.2-2.8′ (actually it may be shorter or longer)
– Power: 0-100W
– With 2pcs spare MOSFET
– Temperature control function
Package Included:
1 x Set of Tesla Coil
– Power supplies are not included in the package. It requires a 36V 2A power supply and a 12V 2A power supply (with 5.5*2.1mm interface).
1. Because the frequency is too high, the heat of MOSFET will be relatively large. Please pay attention to the temperature of the heat sink during use, so as not to damage the components due to excessive temperature (mainly music mode).
2. Please not place flammable or explosive items within a range of 5m/16.4ft during use.
3. Due to serious interference with metals. Please not get close to the coils for electronic equipment such as mobile phones, computers, etc. to avoid damage.
4. Since the diameter of the secondary coil is extremely small, try not to bump it, so as to avoid the secondary coil winding being broken
5. Please not modify the equipment without permission to avoid accidents.
6. Not for illegal use.
7. Electronic knowledge is highly recommended.
8. It is only for viewing purposes, if you don’t know how to use it, please don’t power it on by yourself.
1. Please keep away from those who have implanted cardiac pacemakers and other life support electronic devices (10m/32.8ft range)! Since the solid-state Tesla coil works in the state of strong magnetic field and electric field, it will induce current on surrounding metal objects, including wires, cables, and nearby electronic equipment, and generate strong electromagnetic radiation. Therefore, if there are implanted or non-implanted electronic medical equipment carriers around, the power-on experiment may cause the failure of these equipment and cause danger to life!
2. The solid-state Tesla coil control and power output parts have a voltage greater than the safe voltage, and direct contact with the limbs is prohibited during operation and debugging.
3. There are large-capacity energy storage devices in solid-state Tesla coils, and they still have a deadly voltage after a power outage. When debugging, the charge in the energy storage device should be released first. When a discharge element is installed, wait for a few minutes before debugging, and manual short-circuit discharge is prohibited, which will damage the energy storage device.
4. Solid-state Tesla coils will generate a lot of ozone during discharge, so ensure good ventilation in the experimental site. If you do not operate in accordance with the regulations or engage in illegal activities, all consequences will be borne by yourselves!
Temperature Control Rules:
1. When the temperature of the heat sink is higher than 65℃, the drive power supply will be disconnected, and the red LED light on the lower layer will be off. Please turn the switch to the middle gear and let the coil stand still until the red light turns on after the temperature drops, and the coil can work normally.
2. The reset temperature is 42-45℃, please not use it in an environment higher than this temperature.

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