Nvarcher FT4232HL Development Board FT4232 USB to Serial Port JTAG SPI I2C OpenOCD


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Use FT4232HL to convert from USB to multiple interfaces, such as: UART / SPI / JTAG / I2C and so on.
For detailed functions of the chip, please refer to its datasheet.

Overall dimensions (length × width × height): 103 × 45 × 14 mm
PCB size (length × width × thickness): 95 × 45 × 1.6 mm
The whole board is suitable for installation in the common J-Link plastic case.

Power supply mode: +5V, connected to CN3 through USB square port line.

All function pins are all led out, which is convenient for connecting peripheral modules with DuPont wires.
ESD protection circuit is added to the signal pins of CN3 and CN4, please refer to the schematic diagram for details.

CN1: 2.54mm pitch 1×20 Pin single row needle;
CN2: 2.54mm pitch 1×20 Pin single row pin;
CN4: 2.54mm pitch 2×10 Pin simple horn holder for double-row curved needles.

The distance between CN1 and CN2 is 1400mil, which is 14×2.54=35.56mm.

Relevant information:
1. The schematic diagram of the board (Address: https://github.com/arm8686/FT4232HL-Board).
2. For chip documentation and drivers, please download the updated version from the FTDI official website (official website address: http://www.ftdichip.com/).
3. FT4232HL development board related materials, including schematic diagram (link: https://pan.baidu.com/s/1UTyfiiDO_P0pfFnZ-3fhFg, extraction code: gil9).
4. ‘FT4232HL as openOCD Concise Manual V0.1.pdf’ (link: https://pan.baidu.com/s/13iSrcgvTXMnrDM3HA-bBAw, extraction code: w8u1).

[Simple use steps] (to be improved)
LED1 is the power-on indicator. After the power is supplied, it is always on.

After installing its driver CDM21228_Setup, FT4232HL defaults to USB to four serial ports.
The four serial ports can be tested conveniently by using the PC serial port debugging software.
Just use a jumper cap to short-circuit the TXD and RXD of the serial port to perform spontaneous transmission and self-reception tests.

U7 (74HC573) is connected to the TXD and RXD of the four serial ports and is used to drive LEDs for signal indication.
When the board is powered on, some LEDs flicker, which is normal.

For more usage methods and functions of FT4232HL, users are required to understand the application documents of FTDI. We do not have relevant technical support for the time being.

Package Include: 

1. FT4232HL development board: 1;
2. USB square cable (0.5m): 1 piece;

3. Dupont lines: 10;

4. Plastic shell without silk screen: 1 pc. (There is no self-tapping screw, but after the board is placed in the shell, the amount of swaying displacement <2mm does not affect the use.)

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