PolyLite Polymaker 1.75mm PLA 750g/Roll Black/White/Grey 3D Printer Filament

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    PolyLite PLA is easy to print, produces beautiful models, and is compatible with just about any 3D printer that can print 1.75mm PLA filament.  
    It works with most common 3D printing surfaces, like blue tape, glass printing platform, BuildTak, etc.  A heated build plate is not required.  This PolyLite PLA has a diameter of 1.75mm and comes on a 1kg spool in a vacuum sealed bag.  The bag is resealable and includes a desiccant pack, so storing the filament in this bag will minimize moisture absorption, ensuring the best possible 3D printing results.
    But, It is recommended that the filament, when not used, be stored in the provided resealable bag with the desiccant pack to minimize moisture absorption and to ensure the best printing performance.


    Color: Black/White/Grey
    Diameter (Tolerance): 1.75 mm ±0.05 mm
    Filament Weight: 750g
    Recommended Printing Temp: 200 – 230 °C
    Recommended Printing Speed: 40 – 70 mm/s
    Heated Bed: Not required but can be used (up to 60 °C)

    Print Settings:(Adjust according to the actual situation)
    Nozzle temperature:  190 – 230℃
    Printing Speed:  40mm/s – 60mm/s
    Bed Temperature:  25˚C – 60˚C
    Bed Surface:  Glass with glue, Blue Tape, BuildTak®
    Cooling Fan:  ON

    Mechanical Properties:
    Young’s Modulus:  2636 ± 330 Mpa
    Tensile Strength:  46.6 ± 0.9 Mpa
    Bending Strength:  85.1 ± 2.9 Mpa
    Impact Strength:  2.7 ± 0.2 kJ/m2

    Thermal Properties:

    Glass Transition Temperature:  61˚C
    Vicat Softening Temperature:  63˚C
    Melting Temperature:  150˚C

     Package Included:

     1 x PLA Filament


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