SDR RSP1 Software Defined Radio Receiver SDR Software Defined Radio Receiver Amateur Radio Ham


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msi2500 msi001 scheme, simplifies SDRplay RSP1 circuit, the interface is USB Type-C interface (Android mobile phone interface), double-layer board, adopts Jialichuang SMT SMT process, the board size is 80*47.4mm, and the 5 antenna interfaces correspond respectively different frequency bands.
The effective frequency range is 10KHz to 1GHz, the ADC resolution is 12bit, and the whole segment is 10M real-time visual bandwidth (can monitor a 10M wide signal range in real time, such as 430-440MHZ)
Can be used for FM frequency modulation, AM amplitude modulation, SSB single sideband, CW equal-amplitude telegraph, ATC control, regional modulation, aviation, railway frequency bands, broadcast automatic dependent surveillance, wide and narrowband analog, digital intercom, DMR digital intercom, DRM digital Broadcasts, SSTV imagery, NOAA weather clouds, radio astronomy monitoring, ISS International Space Station and more.
Compatible with the four platforms of Windows, Linux, osMac, and Android, and perfectly supports SDRuno, SDR Sharp, HDSDR, SDR consol, and GNURadi. , SDR Touch and other mainstream software.
(Android devices need to support OTG)
Q: How is this different from the full version you sell?
Answer: The full version uses 0.5PPM TCX0, which has a precise frequency. The simple version only uses an ordinary active crystal oscillator with a small counteract frequency (does not affect the reception). The simple version has no casing and needs to manually switch the antenna. The simple version is just for usability. Pursue performance. The maximum frequency of the simple version can only reach 1G (you can change it to 2G by yourself), because the simple version has a great simplification in the circuit, and it is not as good as the full version in important indicators such as acceptance sensitivity and selectivity, but the functions are the same. , which is equivalent to two desktop computers with Windows system installed, with different configurations.
Q: What antenna do I need for this SDR?
Answer: The relationship between the antenna and the receiver is like the camera body and the lens. The combination of the two can produce good results. Of course, the larger the antenna, the better, and the more expensive the better. Size horizontal dipole shortwave antenna, four-band inverted V antenna, small loop active antenna, local broadcasting only needs to insert a piece of iron wire into the antenna port. The 5 antenna ports are a compromise design for low cost. The original RSP1 has only one antenna port, and the internal RF switch is used to automatically switch between different band circuits. The simple version omits the band switch and needs to manually replace the antenna jack.
Q: Is this original?
A: No, this is produced based on open source materials, here is the original post 757 for your reference, this product is based on customer needs, adding three bands of filters from 60MHz to 1000Mhz, Redesign the PCB layout, modify the interface to Type-C, do not lay copper in the RF area, and add jumper vias to facilitate later tossing.
Package includes:
1 x SDR RSP1 Software Defined Radio Receiver

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