YAHBOOM 0.96 inch OLED LCD Display Blue and Yellow Dual Color 12864 Serial Port Compatible with UNO Module


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0.96 inch OLED LCD Display

Control chip: SSD1306

Display area: 21.744mm*10.864mm

Dimensions: 27.8mm*27.3mm

Interface type: SPI, IIC

Pin: 7pcs

Working temperature: -40℃~70℃

Color display: Blue and Yellow

Weight: 5g


1. No backlight is required, and the display unit can emit light

2. High resolution: 128*64 (same as LCD12864, but this product is more densely dotted)

3. Viewing angle: >160.

4. Support many control chips: fully compatible with Arduino, 51 series, MSP430 series, STM32, CSRchips, etc.

5. Low power consumption: 0.08W when the full screen is lit, and 0.06W when displaying characters on the normal full screen

6. Wide voltage support: directly support 3V~5V DC without any modification

7. Working temperature: -40°C~70°C

8. 10 ports occupy less: using SPI or IIC communication mode, only 4 10 ports can be driven at most, the default delivery is SPI.

9. IIC method needs to change the resistance by yourself.

10. Driver chip: SSD1306. No font library: use modulo software to get words, and get what to display

Interface definition:

1. GND power ground

2. VCC power supply positive (3~5.5V)

3. D0 pin D0 of OLED is the clock pin in SPI and IIC communication

4. D1 pin D1 of OLED is a data pin in SPI and IIC communication

5. The RES# pin of RES OLED is used to reset (low-level reset)

6. D/C#E pin of DC OLED, data and command control pin

7. The CS# pin of CS OLED, which is the chip select pin

Note for use: OLED display is different from LCD; OLED is self-luminous; therefore, there is no backlight, and the screen will not have any response when only power is applied; the display must be correctly operated by the program, please be aware.

Package included:

1 x Module

(the other items are not includes)

Additional information

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