ZVS High Frequency Induction Heating 2000W High Power Machine Quenching Intermediate Frequency Furnace


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1. Adopt 1.6mm thickness military grade PCB design, copper thickness 2OZ, large current and good heat dissipation;
2. 120mm cooling fan;
3. Use custom oversized high-power heat sink to ensure the heat dissipation of the MOS tube;
4. The output end uses three M4 copper columns in parallel, which can be connected to a high-voltage package or a high-frequency transformer in addition to the heating coil;
5. Using 4 original IRFP260 and 10 original BM capacitors in parallel resonance, high power and high efficiency;
6. This product can work continuously for a long time when the heat dissipation conditions meet the standard.
1. Dimensions: length, width and height 120*120*95 (unit: mm);
2. Heating ring size: 70*60*73;
3. Input voltage: DC12-54V;
4. Maximum power: 2000W;
5. Maximum DC working current: 40A
6. The maximum temperature of direct heating of metal iron is 800-900 degrees Celsius
7. The maximum temperature of the crucible is 1600 degrees Celsius
Precautions (must read before use):
1. The power of induction heating is very high. In addition to the heat generated by the PCB board and electronic components, the heat generation of the heating coil is also very large. In order to avoid the heating coil burning and affecting the entire system, please be sure to match the heating coil cooling water pump;
2. Care must be taken when using switching power supplies, because high-power switching power supplies generally have a slow start function, that is, the output voltage rises slowly at the beginning, and if the induction heating circuit is turned on before the voltage rises to 11V, it will be due to the voltage. If it is not enough, the circuit will not vibrate, so that the MOS tubes on both sides will be turned on at the same time and the components will be burned. Therefore, it is necessary to connect the induction heating circuit after the voltage of the switching power supply is stable (about 10 seconds), and an air can be connected between the power supply and the motherboard. switch, wait for the power supply to be stable, then push the air switch, and then press the button marked with the switch next to the green interface on the board to turn on the heating. The shutdown sequences is to turn off the switch on the main board first, then disconnect the air switch;
3. This circuit has very strict power requirements. The 12V power supply must use a power supply greater than 500W, 24V greater than 1000W, 36V greater than 1500W, 48V greater than 2000W (recommended operating voltage 48V);
4. No matter it is used at any voltage, as long as the working current is lower than 40A, the circuit will not burn out, so a 40A fuse can be added to protect the circuit during high-power operation;
5. It is inevitable to generate heat during high-power operation, so you should use a fan top blowing to effectively dissipate heat while working;
6. The working voltage must not be lower than 12V;
7. When the heating machine is working, the heating ring will generate a high amount of heat, and water cooling must be used to cool the heating ring to avoid damage to the motherboard due to high temperature;
8. The power input terminals are marked with positive and negative poles, do not reversely connect them! The use of alternating current is absolutely prohibited! !
9. The heating coil may be deformed during transportation, resulting in a short circuit between layers. Please separate it before connecting it to the main board, otherwise it may overload and burn the main board.
10. Do not power on with no load (here no load means that the output is not connected to any load, and the heating coil does not heat the object is not counted as no load), otherwise the board will make high-frequency noise, instantly burn out the motherboard, and completely scrap it!
11. When using a graphite crucible, a non-circulating water-cooling method must be used, that is, the cold water enters the hot water and is discharged into the sewer to prevent the long-term high water temperature from affecting the service life (this water-cooling method should also be used for long-term high-power operation), The 12V auxiliary power supply must not be disconnected if the crucible is not taken out of the heating ring after heating, otherwise the water pump will stop working and the heating ring will be burned out by the temperature of the crucible
Package includes:
1 x Motherboard
1 x 12v2a adapter
1 x Water Pump
1 x heating coil
1 x 70ml crucible
1 x AC220V to DC48V 40A power supply

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